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Online executive  coaching for expats targets:

  • Business Executives
  • Diplomats
  • International aid professionals
  • Professionals in upper management and executive positions.

Expat managers can face extreme stress when overseeing the performance of workers in their host countries. Often, cultural differences can result in discrepancy in the work ethics between foreign management and local hires. The expat manager is left to balance the realities on the ground with the home office’s expectations, which is frequently far greater than what can be expected from local staff.

In addition, it is typically difficult to communicate the reality on the ground to the home office, particularly if this is the company’s first venture into an international market.

Online executive coaching for expats, coaches expat managers and executives in how they can successfully bridge this gap, with their employees as well as their superiors.   This is viewed as a fine line that needs to be successfully balanced to achieve desired results.

We also coach expat executives (in both the not for profit and the private sectors) as well as diplomats from many countries.  These expats are usually under high levels of stress.  Frequently they work long hours and even when at home, engage in evening phone calls in different time zones.  They may have little left over to give to their spouses and children, who may also be under stress in a new country.  When appropriate, we coach expat executives in boundary setting so they can have a more favorable work/life balance.

At Expat Counseling and Coaching Services, we believe in the importance of cultivating emotional intelligence.  According to Daniel Goldman, acclaimed author of Emotional Intelligence, the most effective managers have high levels of emotional intelligence. That means they can:

  • Manage their own emotions
  • Remain attentive to their workers
  • Maintain authenticity
  • Be compassionate
  • Be resilient

Expat Counseling and Coaching Services coaches executives in performance enhancement by learning and improving emotional intelligence skills.