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At Our Life Flash Clinic, we offer comprehensive ADHD assessments and psychological testing. Comprehensive ADHD assessments are completed in three phases.

The first phase is a diagnostic interview completed by a trained and licensed psychotherapist.

The second phase involves the use of the TOVA, a computerized program which measures ability to pay attention.

The third phase incorporates the Conners 3. The Conners 3 is a behavioural checklist, which the psychotherapist will have a group of people complete who know the client well. This includes the client him or herself, parents, and teachers.

After the assessments are completed, the psychotherapists will compile each assessment to determine if an ADHD diagnosis is warranted or not. A full written report is provided for each client.

While standard ADHD assessments are often very subjective and rely only on the mental health professional’s opinion, comprehensive ADHD assessments offered by us Human Services and Consulting in Bangkok  allow for a more objective and accurate measure of ADHD symptoms.

Psychological testing is used to assist psychotherapists for making mental health disorder diagnoses. At Our Life Flash Clinic Human Services and Consulting, we qualified to administer and interpret various psychological tests and assessments

Psychological testing is helpful in determining if a person may be experiencing depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, as well as personality disorders.