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Our Coaching Women Worldwide program  offers women packages of  coaching sessions to help you

  • Learn tools to de-stress
  • Achieve your ideal weight even if you’ve never been able to do so before
  • Find a loving, meaningful relationship or improve your existing one.
  • Find work or a career that is deeply meaningful AND allows you to make all the money you’d like
  • Learn how to have quality family, work, and “me” time without feeing stressed.

Sound too good to be true?

We believe that women can have it all without paying a price!

What keeps us from realizing our deepest desires are the unconscious beliefs that we’re not even aware of, such as ‘I can’t have it all’,  ‘I don’t deserve it’, or ‘I’m not smart, pretty, good or whatever enough to have what I want’.  By first gaining clarity about what you really want, then through a process of inquiry that identifies the negative beliefs that may be getting in the way, and finally by letting go of these beliefs, you can realize your deepest desires and indeed “have it all.”

Mentoring Women Worldwide to Achieve their Goals

Expat Counseling and Coaching provides online coaching to women worldwide.  With over 3 decades of experience in professional counseling, our qualified coaches have mentored women of all ages.

Regardless of your goals, you can get the assistance you need to grow in a comforting and supportive environment. Rest assured, our online coaching services for women are confidential.

Think you need to strike a balance between your personal and professional life? Hit Book a Free Session to talk with a coach now